About the Energy Committee



To reduce the Belmont community’s carbon emissions by 80% based on the community’s 2007 emissions.  

Established by the Belmont Board of Selectmen to facilitate, enable, and help the Town of Belmont and its residents, businesses, and institutions to work toward achievement of the Climate Action Plan Resolution (Article 6) adopted by Town Meeting on November 16, 2009.  

Energy Committee page on the Town of Belmont website


Climate Action Plan

Prepared by Sustainable Belmont, the key objectives of the Climate Action Plan are to increase energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions in Belmont.

Link to the Climate Action Plan on the Town of Belmont website


Energy Committee Members

Staff Contacts

Glenn R. Clancy, P.E

Director of Community Development 

(617) 993-2650

Board Members

Roger Colton, co-chair
Marty Bitner, co-chair
Travis Frank
James Booth
Tony Barnes
Don Mercier
Yvonne Brown
Erin Lynch
Adrienne Allen
Andy Healey
Vacant (appointed by School Committee)

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