Town Meeting Actions

Belmont Climate Action Roadmap

Strategic electrification is the most effective way to achieve the carbon emission reduction goals of the Climate Action Plan approved by the Town of Belmont.  This means electrifying transportation and heating, and moving Belmont's electricity to carbon-free sources.

The objectives of the roadmap for achieving Belmont's Climate Action Plan are:

  • 2019: Adopt the Roadmap
  • 2022: 100% fossil-free electricity
  • 2025: 50% oil healing replacements are heat pumps
  • 2030: 50% new cars are electric vehicles
  • 2032: 50% gas heating replacements are heat pumps
  • 2050: CAP Goal of 80% reduction in carbon emissions is achieved



Download the Belmont Climate Action Roadmap here


Emission Free Resolution

Belmont’s municipally-owned electric utility, Belmont Light, has said it seeks to implement the policy choices supported by the community. To outline the community's position, the Energy Committee prepared a resolution to be considered by Annual Town Meeting in 2019. 

This resolution provides, among other things, that: 

  1. There is no credible path to a safe climate that includes new fossil fuel infrastructure; and
  2. Belmont has a responsibility to its residents, our country, and the world, to accelerate the transition to 100% carbon-free energy and oppose new fossil fuel infrastructure. 

The Resolution endorses a Belmont Light goal of 100% carbon-free energy as soon as is feasible, consistent with a modest rate impact.


Green Building Standards By-Law

In support of Belmont’s Climate Action Plan Roadmap, the Energy Committee is preparing a Green Building Standards by-law to be presented to Town Meeting for consideration. 

The proposed by-law is designed to contribute to the overall reduction of greenhouse gas production and emissions. Its goal is to improve the environmental and economic health of the Town by incorporating green building practices into the design, construction, operation and maintenance of buildings and site development. 


Home Energy Disclosure By-Law

In support of Belmont’s Climate Action Plan Roadmap, the Energy Committee is preparing a Home Energy Disclosure by-law to be presented to Town Meeting for consideration. 

The proposed by-law is designed to provide information to homebuyers about residential building energy performance. This information will enable more knowledgeable decisions about the full costs of operating homes and to motivate investments in home improvements that lower utility bills, reduce carbon emissions, and increase comfort, safety and health for home owners.


Town Public Facilities Initiatives

Belmont High School Building Project

The Belmont High School Building Committee is working closely with Sustainable Belmont and is pursuing efficient alternative energy sources which will realize a life cycle cost benefit. In addition, the Board of Selectmen and the School Board have both endorsed a Class D Zero Net Energy goal for the new school. 

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Chenery Middle School Solar Panels

  Thanks to financial gifts from Direct Energy Solar to reward the success of the Belmont Goes Solar campaign, along with the generosity of an anonymous donor in town, the Energy Committee is working with town officials to install solar panels on Chenery Middle School.  

Soon the town will be producing more clean energy and realizing cost savings.   Teachers and students will be able to access real-time data from the solar panels to learn about clean energy production.


New Department of Public Works, Police, and Library Buildings

The Energy Committee is engaged with the committees of buildings being refurbished or rebuilt to help strategize ways to minimize energy usage.  In order to help meet our climate goals, we advocate that each building project consider the feasibility of obtaining zero net energy status.


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