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You've Made a Difference! And There's More You Can Electrify!

Learn how you can help Belmont reach its Climate Action Plan carbon-emission reduction goals. 


Solarize Your Home


Install solar panels to generate your own renewable energy. 325 Belmont homes have gone solar.  Belmont Goes Solar experts are available to help you make the right decision. 

Learn more at Belmont Goes Solar


Drive an Electric Vehicle


Switch to an Electric Vehicle (EV) to immediately reduce your carbon emissions. EVs using carbon-free electricity have NO carbon pollution.  

Learn more at Belmont Drives Electric


Use a Heat Pump for Home Heating

Electrically-driven heat pumps provide high efficiency home heating and cooling. When powered by carbon-free electricity they allow for heating and cooling that is emissions-free.  Belmont Light offers grants to support the installation of air-source heat pumps.  April 2019 will see the launch of HeatSmart Belmont, a community based education, outreach and group purchasing campaign aimed at increasing adoption of air source heat pumps.  More details to come soon!

Learn more here or go to the Belmont  Light website


Support Clean Electricity

Be proactive about clean electricity. Express your support to Belmont Light for its use of electricity from carbon-free sources. 100% carbon-free electricity in Belmont by 2022 is feasible. 

Learn about Belmont Light's goal

More Environmental Organizations in Belmont

Sustainable Belmont


Helping Belmont to be an environmentally responsible community.  

Initiatives range from seemingly-small behavioral changes like the anti-idling campaign (improved air quality and reduced gas consumption) to supporting ESCo projects (improving energy efficiency in town buildings – the most recent one yielding greater cost avoidances than originally estimated in part due to increased fuel costs).  

We continue to work towards financial savings and improved environmental conditions to the benefit of the entire community, while recognizing our work has impacts beyond Belmont. 

Learn more here

Belmont Composts!


The mission of Belmont Composts! is to reduce Belmont’s trash and increase curbside composting by developing a low-cost curbside composting option for Belmont residents, schools, and businesses. 

Members of Belmont Composts! include concerned residents, as well as members of the Green Alliance, the Belmont Energy Committee and town officials.

Increasing curbside composting in Belmont would not only be good for the environment; it would also save the town money on tipping fees. Find out more about how the program works and how to register.

Learn more here 

More to come


More organizations will be listed

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